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Pankaj Yogpeeth offers traditional yoga teacher training in India. All our yoga courses are certified by Yoga Alliance USA. Pankaj Yogpeeth believes in sharing the knowledge that was given by our teachers.

Subject Topic
Yoga Aasna Core Principles of Hatha Yoga Practice.
Meditative pose.
Structuring and sequencing the postures.
Forward Bending pose.
Full health assessment on asana.
Traditional sun salutation series.
Backward Bending pose.
Sun salutation with root mantra series.
Relaxation pose
Inverted pose
Moon salutation series
Kneeling pose
Joints and glands exercise
Standing pose
Balancing pose
Twisting pose
Yoga Philosophy History and origin of yoga.
What is Hatha Yoga?.
What is role of mind in Yoga?.
Why we suffer?
What is Ashtanga Yoga?( eight limbs of yoga).
What made us to get disease in yogic science.
What is Raja Yoga?
How to bend body and mind?.
What is ignorance?
Three states of consciousness in yogic science
What is mind and body?
Four foundational pillars of life
Four faculties of mind field in yogic science
What is practice mean in yogic science
Five layers of body in yogic science
What is life?
Pranayama Qualities of yogic breathing
Importance of diaphragmatic breathing
Stress and stress less related breathing technique
What is pranayama?
Ujjai Breathing
What are five sub prana in yogic science?
Shetali and shetkari
What is ida, pingala and sushumna ?
Nadi shodhanam
What is nadi?
1:1, 1:2 and 1:4 breathing for emotional purification
What is pranic healing?
What is Prana?
Relaxation Techniques What is Relaxation?
Point to point full body relaxation technique
Yoga Nidra for insomnia.
Emotional body relaxation
Minor and major chakra relaxation
Deep causal body relaxation
Mudras and Bandhas Yogic Gesture for stress related problems
Internal mudra
Healing Gestures for physical blockages
Bandha for energy leakage
Pranic gestures for awakening
Importance of root lock
Eye mudra
Types of Locks in Yogic science
Mudras using fingers
Meditation Breath awareness meditation
Inner light meditation
Chakra awareness meditation
Body less meditation
Mantra Awareness meditation
Walking meditation
Full moon meditation
Third eye meditation
Mantra Yoga What is OM?
Mantra for fearless living
Meaning of Mantra.
Mantra for wisdom
Mantra for universal master
How to create positive vibration with mantra yoga?
Pronounciation of Mantra
Inner understanding of Mantra
Alignment and Adjustment Workshop on hip opening
Workshop on back bending
Workshop on forward bending
Workshop in twisting postures
Yogic Anatomy Yogic skeletal and joints system
Yogic physiology
Yogic respiratory system
Yoga safety while doing asana and pranyama practices
Muscular system and usage of some important muscles in yogic exercise
Nature of lunar energy, solar energy and neutral flow energy
Yogic anatomy of spinal cord and its importance
Therapeutic Yoga

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